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We’ve missed travel as much as you have, but we also know new adventures are just around the corner. In anticipation of the world opening up again, we’ve decided to highlight the little wonders and magical places that remain as enticing as ever. Our favourite destinations are waiting to be booked — on Culture Trip — and they really are wonderful.

Cramped airline seats, the intense blast of hot air stepping off a plane, sand getting in places where it really shouldn’t… These minor holiday irritants were once the bane of our lives, but it’s funny how we miss them today. Then there’s the other side of travel, stepping out on a pristine beach with a cold drink in one hand and a bottle of suntan lotion in the other. Ordering food you can’t pronounce while seated at a table with a front-row seat to a spectacular sunset. How we’ve missed it all.

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Of course, what ultimately makes a travel experience memorable is the destination itself. There are some incredible places just waiting for visitors to return, from old favourites to hidden gems, and we’ve decided to highlight them all. Our picks, by a team of trusted local experts as well as travel insiders, range from stunning rainforest retreats to eye-opening road trips along scenic coastlines. There’s something to inspire every traveller, and we can’t wait to see them for ourselves.

Best of all, you can safely and confidently plan your future travels with Culture Trip right now. Book with our Ultimate Covid Booking Guarantee before 30 June 2021, and we will rebook or refund you if Covid restrictions change your travel plans up to 48 hours before travel.

Our global destination experts have picked some domestic travel favourites so you can keep your trip local. The Scottish Highlands continue to be a popular getaway for Brits looking to escape the crowds this year, and other lesser-known destinations around the UK are also worth visiting if traditional seaside resorts look too busy.

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In America, domestic travel is booming. The thrill of the open road has seen day trips from major cities emerge as a trend, and green spaces remain popular as we seek to reconnect with nature. For the more adventurous travellers looking to get away from it all, Costa Rica has some of the best places to stay on offer — luring visitors with a top-class food scene, and its world-famous rainforests. We’ve even got some incredible properties lined up where you’ll be sleeping in the trees!

There’s no harm in dreaming a little further afield. The cherry blossoms of Japan will be there for you next year, but there are still so many amazing experiences to be had any time of year. A relaxing stay in a ryokan is recommended, while city dwellers might prefer to check into a capsule hotel for an authentic urban experience.

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Greece and Spain remain top of many people’s bucket lists, and we’ve explored every island and toured every region in both countries to bring you the best recommendations around. Mexico’s Caribbean coast has cultural treasures and incredible beaches, both of which are easily reached from Tulum and Cancún.

We know that thinking back to fond travel memories and making future travel plans makes us feel good. Finding that secret bar in a town you’ve never been to before, or crashing on a freshly made hotel bed after a day exploring somewhere wonderful, these moments are what we’ve missed the most about travelling. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get booking our next adventure!

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