The Best Caribbean Islands for US Travelers

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The Caribbean islands have always been a popular destination for US travelers looking for a dose of relaxation close to home. As several spectacular spots in the sizeable archipelago open to tourists again, we pick out some that have the perfect blend of culture, adventure and pure enjoyment.

Try to list the Caribbean countries and you realise the region isn’t just big — it’s almost overwhelming. Cuba and Haiti are incredible destinations in their own right, while Jamaica, Bermuda and Barbados conjure up images of a palm-strewn paradise — and the reality isn’t too different.

A number of US citizens have retired to the Caribbean, turning vacation experiences into a permanent way of life, and there are some obvious benefits to making a home here. For others, the practicalities of taking a short vacation somewhere so close, yet so different, to the US is part of the attraction. Now the rules have been relaxed and some travel to the Caribbean is once again permitted, let’s see what all the fuss is about and explore the destinations you should think of visiting first.

Please review the official CDC travel advice prior to any travel.


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To get a sense of the cuisine on offer here, you only need to look at the most popular local events; who could resist the annual Pineapple Fest, or the equally delicious Crab Fest? Ecotourism is also set to be a big part of what the island offers soon. If you do visit, attend some of the sporting events that take place here to see some of the best athletes in the world perform in their own backyard.

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